Push Pull Hybrid Monoblock Power Amplifiers


$36,000 pair

Product Features:

AELIUS Push-Pull hybrid monoblock power amplifier is the latest addition to the electronics line of YPSILON ELECTRONICS.

A monoblock configuration and hybrid design using a valve in the input stage with valve rectification and a mosfet output stage producing 220 wpc in 8 Ohm, 380 wpc in 4 Ohm and 500 wpc in 2 ohm, with60 wpc in pure class A.

This new addition is a revolutionary product combining the Single Ended sonic purity and the Push Pull power, capable of driving any loudspeaker design.

With a balanced/unbalanced switch and a ground lift switch easily accessible on the rear panel, this amplifier can be implemented into any system set up no matter of the speaker impedance or cable length.

Sound purity, endless power, outstanding design, unmatched build quality. This is AELIUS power amplifier.

Product Specifications:

Output Power:
220 wpc rms/8 Ohm (first 60W pure class A)
380 wpc rms/4 Ohm
500 wpc rms/2 Ohm 
-3 db @ 11Hz-75Khz
Output Impedance:
0.06 Ohm
Input Impedance:
47K Ohm
x20 (26db)
Balanced/Unbalanced, switchable
Input Tube:
Siemens C3g
Rectifier Tube:
6CA4 / EZ81

16.7 x 16.7 x 7.9"  (WxDxH)
100 lbs. per mono amp