3 Way Passive Loudspeaker Vented-Box System


$94,000 / $98,000 pr.

Product Features:

$94,000 Piano Black Lacquer
$98,000 High Gloss Veneer

With The CUBUS, we are introducing a loudspeaker that delivers without fail on all your audio expectations. We have turned this loudspeaker concept into a reality for one reason only: Completely true, uncolored music reproduction. The music should sound as direct and natural as when it was performed on the stage or in the studio. At the heart of this fine loudspeaker system is our proprietary CORONA plasma tweeter. This tweeter represents by far the fastest high frequency reproduction technology available today. Most notably, the components of this tweeter have absolutely no inherent resonant modes, right across an incredible frequency range of 2,500-150,000 Hz! No other tweeter system, regardless of its design principles, is capable of delivering such excellent values. This is due to the plasma tweeter’s ground breaking and innovative functionality. The sound is not transmitted via a membrane made of solid matter, but via the sound transmitting medium itself, the air.

The Midrange Horn complements the plasma tweeter perfectly. This is a completely new type of horn driver design. Because the CORONA plasma tweeter reproduces a fully linear frequency spectrum right to the bottom end of its range, we were able to implement an unusually long horn driver. This double walled horn design is setting new standards in terms of dynamic range, homogeneity, and attention to detail. It is an ideal counterpart to the superb responsiveness of the plasma tweeter.

The Loudspeaker’s Cabinet Design is also vital to the overall sound quality. A generously braced sandwich design and the use of special thermoformed layer filled with tiny metal balls means that particularly the high energy bass range is damped very efficiently. All the components used for sound reproduction are housed in their own isolated enclosures.

Product Specifications:


3 Way Passive Loudspeaker Vented-Box System
1 x 0.3“ CORONA Ion Plasma Tweeter

1 x 19.7" Horn, 2” HF Compression Driver

1 x 18” Composite Coated Paper Cone
Crossover Frequency:
400 Hz  / 2.5 kHz
8 Ohm (minimum 5.6)

95 dB /1 W / 1M
Maximum Level:
115 dB / 1M
Frequency Range:
30 Hz - 150 kHz
Internal Wiring:
Silver Plated OFC

50.8” High

22.6” Wide (front)

10.8” Wide (rear)

24.8” Deep
242 lbs. Per Speaker