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Audiologic is North American distributer for Sigma Acoustics, Pilium Audio and Music Tools.

Sound quality:


The search for the perfect symbiosis because not everyone can have an Auditorium for music and sometimes the music should be shared in the moment and in the place where you are best on the couch relaxing alone or in company.

Being in symbiosis with the environment means being able to listen at low volume and relax with soft sounds of the first watt or get excited by raising the volume to recreate with force and dynamics the feeling of the Live sound.

The particular “double slanted” shape of the cabinet “to match the timing of the sound its reverberations and preserve the harmonics without coloring but without losing any essence of music.

Feel the content of the music of the sounds in perfect balance between them

Every incision returned with all the content of what is music and sounds of that moment of that moment … for that moment that you feel emotion.




The combination of sounds between the drivers used in the Orchestra is sought after and unique in order to achieve “sound” times and consistent “silence” times of the low frequencies up to the more subtle harmonics of the highest tones.

The tw of Heil or better known as Air Motion Transformer recognized as one of the best drivers for high frequencies of all time. The greater speed with which it creates sound and the speed with which it returns to silence are unreachable and give a sense of cleanliness and naturalness to the sounds and its harmonics.

The bipolar emission increases the three-dimensionality and the feeling of having before us the music and its performers.

The Accuton midrange of new ultra-light technology with ultra-powerful magnets to control the damping factor (silence) coherently with the timing of the tweeter tuned in a dedicated cabinet releases harmonics and midrange reverbs through the milling and slots to them in the back of the cabinet along with the AMT sounds.

The handcrafted woofer of the latest generation Scan Speak Revelator series tuned in the particular cabinet to tune and harmonize low and very low frequencies up to the audible limits


The centeral of the sound:


The crossover, hidden simple craftsmanship sometimes banal .Because born on the chosen drivers and said are chosen for the type of cross.

The cross as an active component of the sound and not as a divider or speaker protection.talking about research and design technologies for a first-order crossover may seem too much.

But giving a first order to 6Db per octave, a system that has always been preferred in our cross, a sound and a character to a speaker that uses “complicated” drivers has required time and passion research.

The pulsating electric heart of the system is interposed between the “command” amplifier and the “performers” or “drivers” of movement that create sound through their membranes.

Phase, impedance curves, frequency response, are analyzed and chosen working on sound and analysis at the same time thanks to the analysis system created at the beginning of Extreme Audio and that has always seen generating discoveries of what is sound from what is bothering.

The passion and the search for the “best” of the “emotion” has given importance to the most diverse types of crossover components from the best high quality Polypropylene Oil Paper of last generation or to the very low loss inductances each compatible and synergistic to a project to a sound.

All transmitted to the drivers through the cables the “arteries” of the beating heart that give the right timing. That is White Gold and the LTI patent.

Who more than us has seen cables and conductors born in project synergy with crossovers and drivers.
No component is secondary when looking for an absolute result.


The cabinet


Perfect fusion of aesthetic shapes to the sound only with diagonal milling and curvature giving distribution to the energy emitted by the drivers.

Multilayers of wood essences and high density MDF of different thicknesses each with vibration absorption or resonator tasks for warm sound zones intersect each other in the Orchestra project.
Built by the best Venetian cabinet makers entirely in Italy and painted there with super high gloss lacquers.


The finishes:


They can be built with Rosewood, Walnut, Ebony, Cherry and Oak woods.

Front and back can be requested with high-thickness leather finely worked as an alternative to the classic Matt black and the hand-brushed glossy black lacquered mirror effect.


Technical data:


  • Speaker Type: 3-way bass-reflex
  • Tweeter Transformer Heil Air Motion.
  • Midrange Accuton series Ceramic
  • Woofer Scan Speak Revelator 26 cm
  • Sensitivity: 90.5 dB.
  • Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Max power: 180 watts.
  • Power amplifier: from 40 watts to 180 watts.
  • Frequency response: 22 to 24,000 Hz + – 3 db
  • Crossover: 6dB / octave
  • Cut of frequency: 150 – 1900Hz
  • Dimensions: cm. 120x34x85
Net Weight 63kg each


Pricing:  $38,750.00/-

Semi Gloss, Satin or High Gloss add $3300, Piano black add $3500, Custom WG internal wiring $1800.Automotive finish available upon request.

WG stands for White Gold. A super high end wiring system using 1000 strands of finest quality copper and silver in special configuration in tedious time consuming design allowing the the signal to travel with least resonance eliminating internal noise generated by vibration and other factors.  Although somewhat pricey but a no brainer at this price point