Reference Level Power Distributor



Product Features:

• Extreme build quality
• Unlimited dynamics
• High resolution with decay and micro detail
• Creates a new standard in magic sound staging
• Made with high quality parts
• Special internal connection conception
• Constant and full energy supply for any A/V system on the worldwide market

For hi-fi enthusiasts seeking the ultimate musical experience and unwilling to accept compromise when it comes to the emotional experience of sound.

Our power strip, called "PowerSlave", is unique. All our expertise and "philosophy" with respect to sound and sound creation were poured into the design and production of this device:

What we hear during musical reproduction is - in a figurative sense - electricity. A rapid and unobstructed pathway is needed to enable the dynamics of the signal-conducting power flow to develop their full potential. This requires the use of the highest quality materials to ensure minimum impediment of the signal path.

In the configuration of the interior wiring we took great care to ensure that each socket maintains the same low level of Ohmage during heavy loads.

We selected silver and copper for use as conductor materials. The contacts in each socket feature a 3-layer supra gold plating for optimal transition resistance. All connecting points have been carefully soldered with 10 Ag silver solder. We purposely chose not to attach a permanent power cable in order to accommodate user preferences.

Product Specifications:

Acrylic glass Polycarbonate Type "Makrolon"
8 places with custom made sockets, made in Germany with gold-plated contacts to improve transition resistance
IEC plug:
Custom made appliance plug, made in Germany with gold-plated solid contacts, copper alloy with 2-layer gold plating; anti-magnetic
Internal wiring:
Selected silver and copper for use as conductor materials
All contacts with gold plating for optimal transition resistance
Interior cable routing:
Chrome plated brass
Internal grounding:
About housing; no filter, no fuses!
Exterior screw fittings (cap nuts):
Chrome plated brass
Device feet:
Chrome colored
Length: 26.4”
Width: 4.7”
Height: 4.3” (incl. device feet)
11.2 lbs.