Audiologiconline is North American Distributer started in 2009 as a hobby but turned into full time passion and business of the the founder. He wanted to commit full time efforts to this hobby .Kaveh (Kevin) Saffari found the company in early 2009 after selling his banking business .Audio had been a passion since he was a 12 years old kid and continues to be his primary motive everyday. This, his quest to offer the best audio components in the world for the discerning audiophile to enjoy sound beyond the normal is his purpose in life. He has committed his time and effort since 2009 to this venture . The company is committed to excellence in service as well as product introduction to individual audiophiles via a network of qualified and well known dealers in United States and Canada. The company offers some of the top brands in the world to its clients .Brands like Sigma Acoustics loudspeakers from Italy and Pilium Audio from Greece as well as Music Tools from Italy are a few line that Audiologic is now distributing in North America . These brands have won several awards in Europe and now are being show cased in North America.